Idriss is an engineer in mechanics and in space-systems from France. He is also an entrepreneur, currently the CEO and CTO of O’SOL, a startup based in Cannes which is specialized in mobile solar energy. He also holds a degree in astronomy from the Paris Observatory and he is an alumni of the International Space University.

Through his mission at MDRS, he will study and test 3d-printed multifunctional blocks for building future Martian infrastructures using In-Situ resources. This project is the continuity of his MSc thesis, through which he developed a conceptual life support system for radiation shielding and waste management. His concept, initiated in 2014, was rewarded by the British Interplanetary Society and the International Astronautical Federation. He will also be investigating the possibility of using his concept of solar generators for potential future space applications.

Besides his professional and academic activities, he is a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council, a keen astronomer and hopes to inspire the young generation, especially from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds, to be ambitious and always aim high.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: Asteroidriss